Anybody can make a website, but only a few can make it look good!


Crandell Design is a website design company in Metro Detroit, Michigan. With over 10 years of experience, you can expect a professional looking website for an excellent value. Crandell Design also offers other skilled services from website hosting to logo design.


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Hi, I'm Matt Crandell.

In 2009, I established Crandell Design. Prior to Crandell Design, I launched my first website in 2001 and have had a great passion for web design ever since. Currently, I am also a full-time employee for a marketing company where I handle various projects to satisfy their web development and design needs. I hold degrees in Graphic Design and Computer Information Systems from Ferris State University.

A little about Crandell Design

Crandell Design was created to give people a personal touch for their web and graphic design needs. I believe that all businesses deserve a website that is unique to their brand, as well as access to all online business needs.


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Tried my hand in WordPress plugin development last night. A lot to learn, but exciting to try something new!


So lucky. My mother in law saved me an #oberon donut! @SweetwatersDM


Celebrating a great holiday! #nationalbeerday


New website created for Nuview Nutrition in Clarkston, MI. Check out my work here: